La Musique de Disney - Un Héritage en Chansons

Still I Fly (3’57)

Paroles et musique de Windy Wagner, Michael “Smidi” Smith et Spencer Lee
Interprétée par Spencer Lee

Produit par Michael “Smidi” Smith
Guitares électriques et acoustiques : Bruce Watson
Guitares électriques : TJ Hill
Basse : Aaron Bishop
Batterie : Christopher Allis
Guitare électrique : Kenny Kei Echizen
Chœurs : Windy Wagner et Spencer Lee

There's a time in your life
When the world is on your side
You might not feel it
You might not see it
But it surrounds you like a light
Makes you stronger for the fight

I'm never letting co
Gotta learn to crow
Watch me as I touch the sky... Still I fly
Now I know it’s what I gotta do
Find a dream that's new
Give it all I got this time... Still I fly

Feel the wind all around
All the courage to be found
Who knows what's out there
But I know I'll get there
Oh off into the sun I know
I'm not the only one that's...


Breathe it in
I'm gonna shine
It's my moment gotta live it, live it right
I'm flying, flying so strong
I'm moving... I'm moving... I'm moving on...


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