La Musique de Disney - Un Héritage en Chansons

I'll Try (4’05)

Music and Lyrics by Jonatha Brooke
Performed by Jonatha Brooke

I am not a child now
I can take care of myself
I mustn't let them down now
Mustn't let them see me cry
I'm fine, I'm fine

I'm to tired to listen
I'm too old to believe all these childish stories
There is no such thing as faith
And trust and pixie dust

I try but its to hard to believe
I try but I can't see what you see
I try, I try, I try

My whole world is changing
I don't know where to turn
I can't leave you baby
But I can’t stay and watch the sitting burn, watch it burn

'Cause I try but its so hard to believe!
I try but I can't see where you see
I try, I try, I try and try,
To understand the distance in between
The love I feel, the things I fear
I dearly say good dream
I can finally see it

Now I have to believe
All those precious stories
All the world is made of faith
And trust and pixie dust
So I'll try, 'cause I finally believe!
I'll try 'cause I see where you see!
I'll try. I'll try! I'll try! I'll try-
To fly.

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