La Musique de Disney - Un Héritage en Chansons

Anytime You Need A Friend (2'35)

Musique par Alan Menken
Paroles par Glenn Slater
Interprétée par Alan Menken
Produite par Alan Menken

When you're sad,
When you're feeling low
When you're hurt and don't know
where to go.
Think of me-
There I'll be,
Anytime you need a friend.

When you're down,
And your luck runs out,
Or if you're in trouble or in doubt,
It's OK-
Turn my way
Anytime you need a friend.

When you're scared,
I will stay with you,
When you feel you're falling,
I'll lift you.
When you're heart breaks,
I'll ease your aches,
Whatever it takes, I'll do.

I'll be there,
Taking care,
Anytime you need a friend.

When you're blue,
I will console you.
When your world is ending,
I'll hold you.
When you're lonely,
Come lean on me.
I promise I'll see you through.

All our lives,
Anywhere we are,
Just reach out-I'll never be too far.
Come what may
There I'll stay
From now until the very end...
Anytime you need a friend.

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