La Musique de Disney - Un Héritage en Chansons

The Spirit of Adventure (2'29)

Paroles et musique de Michael Giacchino
Interprétée par Craig Copeland

Adventure is out there, it’s heading our way
So grab your scarf and goggles, let’s fly!
I’ve mapped out our journey, we’re up here to stay.
A sunset is our home.
A moonbeam we will own.
My Spirit of Adventure is you !

Adventure is out there, it’s my Holy Grail,
So cannibals and tigers beware !
I’ve made my life’s journey to blaze every trail.
I’ve got my aero fare.
The high-brows will be there.
My Spirit of Adventure is you !

The freaks of nature span the globe, that's too big to deny.
With canine guards well travel there and spit into their eye !
I cant wait another day
For my life to waste away.
Well make it a joint venture, before were in our dentures.
My Spirit of Adventure is you !

Gargantuan monstrosities larger than a whale,
Come with me and we will snatch that giant monkey's tail !
Bang, bang ! Once the smoke has cleared, after all the clouds have cleared,
Another risky venture, that sure would be the clincher,
My spirit of adventure is you!

Adventure is out there, let's crack some champagne.
I've hung a hundred heads on my wall !
To say that I've traveled is far too mundane 
Let's grab our aero fare.
A New Deal will be there.

The Spirit of Adventure is something to indenture.
My Spirit of Adventure is you
© 2009 Walt Disney Music Publishing (ASCAP) / Pixar Talking Pictures (ASCAP)