La Musique de Disney - Un Héritage en Chansons

I Need Your Love Tonight (1'30)

Ecrite par Bickley Rechner et Sid Wayne
Interprétée par Elvis Presley
Avec l'aimable autorisation de The RCA Records Label, une unité de BMG Music sous licence de BMG Special Products, Inc.

Oh, oh, I love you so
Uh, uh, can't let you go
Ooh, ooh, don't tell me no
I need your love tonight

Oh, gee, the way you kiss
Sweedee, too good to miss
Wow-whee, want more of this
I need your love tonight

I've been waiting just for tonight
To do some lovin' and hold you tight
Don't tell me baby you gotta go
I got the hifi high and the lights down low

Hey, now, hear what I say
Oh, wow, you better stay
Pow, pow, don't run away
I need your love tonight

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